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Aura soma is an exciting colour system

Aura-Soma uses colour to reflect your innermost truth

This session is an amazing and delightful experience.

The Aura-Soma Consultation

The jewels in the Aura-Soma system are the Equilibrium bottles.

A magic combination of vibrant colours, blended with the living energy of herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals.

By simply making a selection of 4 Equilibrium bottles from brilliant range of over 100 coloured bottles, you are handed the key that opens the door to self-discovery.

aurasoma bottles.jpg


Maki was very friendly and professional. I felt I could relax during session. I was in doubt about my future at that time, so I thought that with aura-soma, I could see what I really wanted to be and it could open my eyes to the world of colour. Thank you. S.A.

Before I attended the colour therapy session, some things just didn’t go smoothly for me. After I did the aura-soma session with you, I realised my problem and discovered a solution. That was good timing and thank you. Y.

I found true my self and I now know what I want to be, I will act and do something from now on. I was struggling to make friends in a new area. Maki told me that too many black colours in my clothing shields your self from others and causes other people to keep their distance. I will try to wear bright colours more. Cheers. M.S.

After your advice, I am more relaxed and be myself anywhere. I recommend your service all my friends, and I am so glad to see they become happy through colours. Your happy smile makes me happy. Thank you. T.S

With the chakra balance massage I could feel all the colours with my body and could feel the energy. It was a great healing experience. Thank you. S.

I was very surprised with the aura-soma colour session. Thank you for your heartfelt advice. M.M

After your session I am now so interested in colour. You and your colour session made me very positive and happy.
Thank you. Y.Y.

Thank you for today. It was good advice about my job hunting. I can work positively now and I will try to relax in the green park before heading off to Japan - I will try to think positively all the time. Your advice was great, but also your personality healed my heart. Thank you. M.K.

I certainly will look at the aspect of colour a lot closer after finding out from you all those secrets of colour. Much appreciated for all your efforts. P.G.M.

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