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I did the colour, style analysis and aura-soma colour therapy with Maki. Thank you for taking the time to do all these consultations with me. I hadn’t used much make up before but now I will really enjoy colour, make up, style and everything. N.H.

You made me so happy and have brightened my mood. Thank you for your advice about colour and make-up.
It’s much appreciated. I bought clothes from my cool summer colour swatch and also changed my make-up colours. My mother is really happy with my change because I used to wear strong colours.

I visited Maki all the way from Brisbane. After a colour and style consultation, I now know how to choose the right colours and the right style for me. I wasn’t sure how make-up effects, but now I am so surprised by the impact theright colours make, and I really love make-up on me now. Also, Maki really lifted my mood and I felt great afterward. Thank you for your time and patience. I really enjoyed it. H.K

I really enjoyed your session. I really love the make-up colours you recommended for me. Thank you. Y.S.

I first booked an aura-soma colour therapy but then I changed mind and I did the colour analysis as well. Thank you for your flexibility. After your colour analysis, I have definitely changed the way I choose my clothes and accessories. I used to choose clothes by the way they felt, but now I check the colours and detail in a totally different way. So now no more wasted money on clothing that is not suitable. Thank you. S.A.

I really enjoyed the experience with you to get to know myself better. I used to choose cloth based on trends all the time, but now I find there clothes suitable more suitable for me. It was a really inspired experience and thank you. M.T.

After you did my make-up, every one commented and said that it looked nice. I got lots of compliments, so I was really happy. Thank you! T.

I had a really great time with you. I went home feeling really good after my colour analysis and with my new make-up on. I felt special and really happy. Thank you for such a good time. J.B.

Adonia Cosmetics are really great. The mineral foundation is so natural and right and it also covers my skin stain at the same time. This is necessary for when I go to work. The eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick is great as well.
Really natural colours on me, and I really love them. M.

After your colour session, I checked my wardrobe with the colour swatches. I was very surprised to see I have lots of colour already from my swatches. I am so excited to go shopping now. Regards. A.T.

Since my colour analysis, there is now more variety in my closet. I used to wear either black or navy before. Now I enjoy more colours. When I go shopping I always bring my colour swatch with me now to check that every colour I buy is suitable. I also bought a turquoise accessory from Maki and I get comments from friends how nice the colours are on me. I've never wore turquoise before but now I like it very much. I.Y

Before the colour analysis, I wasted lots of money clothes which I bought and didn’t wear at all because of the colours. After my colour seminar and analysis, I can choose from my colour range, and now there are no mistakes and I am happy. Thank you. Y.I.

I bought the Adonia cosmetics, they are great! Especially the mineral products. This morning, I felt great. I am so glad I could find this product in Melbourne. It’s much appreciated. M.T.

Before the colour analysis, I was always unsure about which colours suit me the best. But now, I am so confident in choosing colours and clothing. Colour is so connected with everyday life and it really surprised me. I would recommend this for men as well as for women. M.M.

I really enjoyed the experience to know and find out what suits me. I must say it was an was an interesting experience for me. Thank you. E.K.

After having my make up and colour analysis done, I love the new colours and I always use them since the consultation. R.

I love using not only the colours you recommended but also your Miller make-up kit. I love it and use it everyday.
My husband has also received many good comments after having his colour analysis done and this has made him feel better about himself. I am glad. T.

Now I know which colours are the best for me. I will come back for style analysis next time. S.E.

After my make-up colour session, I am much more confident with my make up colours now and enjoy doing my make-up everyday. My best colours especially make me brighter and happier. I will keep in touch with you. Thank you. C.H.

I bought a sweater from my best colours and I had a lot of good comments from people. I don't even have to spend much money for clothes if I know my colours. They look more expensive than what I actually spent. I really enjoy shopping now. K.M.

I saw Maki's website and wanted to do a colour analysis with her straightway. But I didn’t know all the details and I was hesitant to do this on a house wife’s budget. But I did total colour consultation with Maki and it was a huge success!!! I should have done this earlier. I was wearing a lot of pastel colours recently to try and make me look younger. But through the colour analysis, I found out that pastel colours are not my best colours and I now know what my best colours are. After I discovered that, I am much more confident and comfortable. I am really glad Maki told me my best colours and I am really looking forward to going shopping! Thank you very much! J.B

I've changed my hair colour from black to orange brown and everybody has exclaimed how wonderful it looks. I love it too! I love colour myself as well. I think it really goes well on me. I'm really happy with the colour profile that Maki did for me. When I buy clothes, I use the colour swatches and so now I don't get tired with my  clothes and I will wear for long time. I used to get tired of my clothes very easily. Thank you very much! Kyoko.T

I always carry my colour swatch in my bag. When I go shopping, I use the colour swatch all the time to choose my colours. When I'm feeling a bit tired, I choose vivid and beautiful colours from my range of clothes. The colours make me bright, energetic and make me feel content and happy. S.K

I love shopping now that my colour profile has been done. Before, I hated it. Now that I know my colours, it makes my shopping trips a breeze. More than anything, when I wear my colours it makes me sharp and I feel confident. I used to wear black a lot, I've since discovered black is not my best colour. I really wish I had known my colour type earlier. It would have have saved me thousands! Now I am so happy with my colour solution including my hair and make up. Thank you so much Maki. Haru.K

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